Keeping your organization out of court!

Organizations lose millions of dollars defending themselves in sexual harassment cases. Costly settlements impact the bottom line. Even more is lost in court awarded cases. One organization executive states that, “one claim costs our department upwards of twenty thousand dollars even before we go to court.” C. Harris Companies, Inc.facilitators can teach you steps to safeguard your business and employees from sexual harassment and costly legal settlements.

Dorothy “Dot” Waldrup, an attorney and national expert on sexual harassment will clarify the definition of sexual harassment and cover such topics as:

  • Categories of sexual harassment
  • How ignorance can be costly: according to the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Third-party sexual harassment
  • How to give your business a “Protection Inspection”
  • 10 things you can do now to prevent sexual harassment
  • How to handle a sexual harassment complaint
  • What to do if a case is filed against an employee or your business

Sexual harassment suits can not only damage employee morale, they can damage your reputation and cost you $millions.