A comprehensive one-day workshop that delivers the fundamentals you need to create excellent working relationships. The battle between older and younger workers could be killing your bottom line.

Finally, it is possible for Matures, Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials to work together toward achieving goals. When workers learn more about the other generation, they can move beyond their preconceived notions and seek understanding. This allows them to build mutually respectful relationships that foster effective and efficient workplace solutions.

Get Matures, Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials working together with RE-GENERATIONS, the one-day, hands-on, interactive workshop. RE-GENERATIONS is the perfect tool for getting the generations started in the right direction. You will benefit from this workshop if you manage, report to or work with someone from a different generation.

Participants will:

  • Explore characteristics and key influencers of each generation
  • Explore causes of frustration, misunderstanding and hostility that impact employees
  • Learn how to move beyond generational stereotypes and work together toward success
  • Learn practical strategies to address stereotypes and capitalize on generational differences (including intergenerational mentoring and coaching) ,
  • Develop an action plan they can implement immediately
  • Capitalize now on the wealth of knowledge and experience held by older workers and gain from the creativity, global perspective and technological expertise available from younger workers. Get them all working together for the good of your organization. Register for


Renewing Your Workforce by Optimizing Cooperation among the Four Generations Your investment in this workshop will pay for itself in a matter of months with increased performance and profits. Renewing Your Workforce By Optimizing Cooperation Among The Four Generations Work ethic, values and interpersonal relationships are directly affected by early life experiences. Generational factors also impact recruitment and retention. Explore generational stereotypes and discover strategies that will allow the strengths of each generation to compliment those of the other. Hone your skills in creating successful interactions that increase performance.

Re-Generations is a hands-on interactive workshop with interactive exercises, engaging and insightful group discussions and fun activities You will receive a learning guide with generational charts you can enlarge for easy reference at a glance that displays critical information about each generation:

  • Ages
  • Formative experiences
  • Values
  • Frustrations
  • General Characteristics
  • Expectation, Wants, Needs
  • Tips for Successful interactions

Program Facilitator: Cathy Harris

To book Cathy for a customized, on-site workshop for your organization, call 504-241-3255 today.

Your Workshop Facilitator, Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris is founder and President of C. Harris Companies, Inc., a management and staff development firm focused on the strategic planning and implementation of strategies in leadership development, persity, generational differences, conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, and team building. She is a professional keynote speaker, skilled facilitator, trainer and consultant for businesses, corporations, universities and government organizations. Cathy explores their challenges and assists in improving their corporate culture, morale, productivity, team and personal effectiveness. She’s known for her ability to move people beyond their personal biases and assumptions toward one another and engage in dialogues that build healthy, working relationships. She specializes in fostering persity, communication and dialogue skills, team building and conflict resolution.

Through experiential, highly interactive, engaging and humorous presentations, Cathy personally connects with her varied audience members and encourages unity, harmony and cohesiveness with a friendly, natural and fun style. Her impact is positive and long-lasting. Cathy deals easily with sensitive issues and encourages others to do the same.

Cathy has more than 24 years’ experience as a small business owner. As such, she led major change initiatives for Chevron Chemical Company and the USDA’s National Finance Center. John Ortego, the center’s Director, said Cathy’s work “… has been a factor in creating a unified, productive, and positive workforce and atmosphere.” He also said that it was the “best persity training he ever attended.” After major improvements in equity, performance and morale at the National Finance Center, officials in Washington, DC took notice and commissioned Cathy to train USDA managers and supervisors in the DC area. Cathy is also a volunteer with the Global Facilitators Service Corps, www.globalfacilitators.org, which sponsors workshops in disaster and crisis intervention, resiliency and trauma debriefing.

HONORS Cathy has received the New Orleans Peace Foundation’s 1996 Peacemaker Award. She also was given the George Washington Medal of Honor from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge along with Dr. Stephen Ambrose, creator of Saving Private Ryan and the hit HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. Cathy is featured as one of 10 Top Female Achievers in the July 2008 issue of New Orleans Magazine and was recognized in Ebony Magazine in the October 2008 for outstanding community service.

Cathy is past president of the National Speakers Association/New Orleans Chapter and an active member of the American Society for Training and Development and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is a six-year member of the persity Professional Experts Group of the National Speakers Association.