Increase productivity, improve morale and create unity among workers in your organization while realizing breakthrough profits.

Eliminate time-consuming claims, costly EEO complaints, grievances and lawsuits.

Resolve disagreements before they become conflicts.

This program combines diversity awareness, skills and strategies to help increase productivity, improve morale, and create unity among workers in an organization while realizing breakthrough productivity. It will also help eliminate time-consuming claims, costly EEO complaints, grievances, and lawsuits as well as guide participants through the steps to resolve diversity-related disagreements before they become conflicts.

Diversity Awareness – Discover the impact of stereotypes and barriers to valuing diversity. Build knowledge of needs, values and attitudes of leadership necessary to address diversity issues within your organization.

Diversity Skills – Incorporate specific diversity skills immediately to improve the climate in your workplace. Learn norms of behavior that can be used increase effectiveness.

Diversity Strategies – Identify ways to tap into the unique talents of each employee to maximize productivity and enhance relationships. Develop preliminary action plans that allow participants to be responsible for their personal success and for the success of the organization.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Self-check for the impact of stereotypes
  • Listen with empathy to gather more accurate information
  • Recognize and correct issues that can block full participation of all team players
  • Develop leadership to contribute to company growth
  • Manage disagreements before they become conflicts
  • Conduct respectful dialogue with co-workers who are different

Programs range from a 4-hour workshop to a 5-day course.

Our Approach
Our approach is objective, non-judgmental, non-threatening and blame-free. Our facilitators create an environment that is conducive to open communication. We focus on dialogue skills, which allow individuals to resolve issues at lowest possible level. The focus is always prescriptive and not punitive.

We work with people to define problems and collaborate together in ways that work for them and for the organization. We assist groups to acknowledge any difficulties that they are facing and then lead them constructively to reducing these obstacles to move forward. We aid individuals in advocacy for open communication and dialogue about the issues they feel most need attention within the organization. We also collaborate with organizations to install management systems to encourage this level of employee involvement.