As an employee you want to work in an environment that is as safe and welcoming as possible. Knowing you are respected as an individual allows you to contribute more productively for your company. This happens because you spend less time second-guessing how to interpret behaviors and consequences. As employees, we each have a responsibility to assure that safe environment for everybody. It pays off in many ways.

Companies lose millions of dollars defending themselves in sexual harassment cases. They lose millions more in court awarded cases. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in June 1998 agreed to distribute $34M among 300 women who claimed sexual harassment while working at their plant in Normal, Illinois. That’s just one plant. C. Harris Companies, Inc., can teach you steps to safeguard your business and fellow employees from sexual harassment and costly legal settlements.

Nationally-recognized facilitators, including a prominent attorney, will clarify the definition of sexual harassment and cover such topics as:

  • Categories of sexual harassment
  • How ignorance can be costly: according to the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Third-party sexual harassment
  • How to give your business a “Protection Inspection”
  • 10 things you can do now to prevent sexual harassment
  • The importance of trust in the workplace
  • Understanding gender communication differences
  • How to handle a sexual harassment complaint
  • What to do if a case is filed against an employee or your business
  • Building an environment for respectful dialogue
  • Making a personal commitment to a harassment-free workplace

Sexual harassment suits can not only damage employee morale; they can damage your reputation and cost you business. Let C. Harris Companies, Inc. show you how to protect your business and your employees.

About The Facilitator

Dorothy “Dot” Waldrup, JD is an attorney with 24 years of practice with expertise in domestic law and employment discrimination. She has represented cases in state and federal courts. She has presented nationwide regarding the legal issues of sexual harassment and the workplace. She has presented on Family Law and Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Harassment for the National Business Institute, the American Management Association, the Tulane and Loyola University Schools of Law.

As a facilitator for C. Harris Companies, Inc. Waldrup has presented programs on Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias for organizations including Chevron Chemical Corporation and The National Finance Center of the United States Department of Agriculture. Participants laud her for her knowledge of the issues and the law as well as her ability to help them discover ways to combat gender bias and sexual harassment in the workplace.