In the workplace, many of us learn basic, appropriate ways of behaving through trial and error. Some of us learn well.  Some of us learn hard and some of us never learn.  There are reasons we learn and reasons we don’t.  The rewards we reap from practicing appropriate workplace behavior are infinite.  Unfortunately the results of inappropriate behavior can be devastating to the employer and the employee.

An employee may be technically proficient but impossible to get along with.  Employees who behave inappropriately may offend customers and alienate coworkers.  What’s interesting about this is that most often when we’re behaving inappropriately we don’t know, and most people won’t tell us.

“What Works In The Workplace”  is a workshop (entitled “Position Yourself to Win” when presented to staff), that can help employees to learn and practice appropriate behavior.  This can help them to position themselves in an ever-changing workplace to be more productive while advancing their careers.

This program is most effective with a maximum of 30 participants.

It is much easier to be a valuable player when you know the rules of the game.  This program will help participants to feel correct and confident in difficult situations.  They will also learn how to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  This segment offers practical, positive ways to improve manners in the workplace and more.

One of the most important skills in the workplace today is effective communication.  Building a better partnership between employee and manager/supervisor requires an ability to send clear, concise messages and to listen with complete accuracy.  Workplace Communication was designed to teach participants how to communicate in a variety of work situations and how to destroy the barriers that prevent effective communication.

Within 3 seconds of an encounter, people make several decisions about each other.  How you present yourself is much more than “dressing for success.” This segment gives participants the knowledge and skills they need to project professionalism.  Workplace presentation is enlightening and will outline how participants can advance their careers through a sharper image.

Attitude determines success or failure to win at just about anything one hopes to achieve in life.  This segment will enlighten participants as to how a positive attitude can be directly linked to career success.  Workplace attitude will provide techniques that show participants how to stay positive in a chaotic, pressure-filled workplace.  They will learn strategies for beating negativity and how to take charge of their lives by taking charge of their attitudes.

Participants in all sessions of What Works in the Workplace/Position Yourself to Win, will walk away with insights, strategies and guidelines that can result in a more rewarding work environment.

What Works in the Workplace is a powerful workshop that will allow your company to:

  • tap into an employee’s strengths
  • inspire enthusiasm and action among employees
  • empower employees
  • have a powerful advantage over the competition

“What Works in the Workplace/Position Yourself to Win”, can assure employers a confident, courteous, well-mannered and empowered staff.  This translates into an increase in productivity and profitability.