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      1. Honor thy Neighbor’s Religion – 7 Beginning ideas
      2. STAY OUT OF COURT! Managers Can Be Held Liable in EEO Cases
      3. Promoting a Welcoming, Non-hostile Environment – Ten Things to Do
      4. High Holy Days
      5. Do Unto Others
      6. Preventing Sexual Harassment
      7. Exploring Religion – Just a Click Away
      8. 20 Tips for Managers
      9. Living the Martin Luther King Legacy
      10. Listening With Empathy
      11. The Dance of Communication
      12. Listening Power
      13. Great Relationships Through Improved Communication
      14. Diversity Clients Get Result
      15. Cultural Competency

You are welcome to download and reprint any of these articles as long as you include my copyright and byline at the end of each article.

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