Diversity – Communication That Works

Diversity can be a painful subject – and a costly prospect.   It is possible to leverage the difference in your work force and make it an asset rather than a perceived liability.  This insightful, engaging and fun session provides basic steps to remove barriers and make difference pay off in your workplace.

Discover how communication is easily distorted in our daily decisions and conversations and how perception and background affects our ability to relate to one another.  Safely explore assumptions and “blind spots” in how people view those who are different from themselves.   This stimulating and amusing presentation also explores the impact of perceptual filters and barriers to effective communication such as stereotypes and the way we view the world as well as how we relate to those who are different.

This fast-paced hands-on session will provide attendees with the tools to discuss the most difficult and significant issues.  This program is designed to help participants overcome fear of discussing the un-discussables that too often impede trustful conversations.  They will explore the nature of anger and hurt feelings and engage in the most difficult conversations with dignity and respect.  Participants will learn how to make it safe for employees to be more open and willing to discuss just about anything.

This program will be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, focusing on the skills to communicate across cultures, discuss difficult issues and resolve differences in a way that strengthens the company.  Participants learn effective dialogue tools and techniques to enhance working relationships – listening with empathy and effective advocacy. They also learn protocols enabling them to balance advocacy and inquiry to manage difficult conversations. Participants are better able to transform negative dynamics into positive energy, which can move the group and the organization forward.

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